Explore the natural beauty of your lips


How often should I use Lipple?

Its very important that you read our user guide before you start using Lipple! You can find it here.

How long does the effect last?

It varies from person to person. Usually the effect stays for approximately 3-4 hours but for some of our users it lasts much longer.

Does it hurt to use Lipple?

The majority of our users don't think it hurts but rather feel some discomfort of the suction effect of the product. After a few days of using Lipple, the discomfort disappears.

I get bruises when using Lipple, is this normal?

Some of our users experience bruises during the first days of using the product or during the conditioning period. These disappear after a few days. Some people have more sensitive skin than others so it does vary from person to person. To minimize the risk for bruises, please read and follow our conditioning guide here.

I can't get Lipple to stick to my lips, what am I doing wrong?

It's all about technique. You know you have a perfect suction when the product stays attached to your lips without you having to hold it with your hands. Use our silicone mouthpiece for better suction. Practice makes perfect!

Can I use lips although I have fillers?

We recommend that you wait until the fillers have disappeared before using Lipple.

Is there any guide on how to use Lipple?

Yes, you can find it here.

Do you have any before/after picture of some of your users?

Yes, you can find these on the front page and on our Instagram account here.

Are you available on Amazon?

Yes we are. Click here.

I think I can help Lipple to grow even further. Who can I talk to about this?

Absolutely! We are constantly looking for interesting people to help grow Lipple in one way or another. Send an email to partners@lipple.com and let us know how you can help.