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Michelle got bigger lips instantly after using Lipple. "It really works".

Michelle, 23 from Los Angeles tested Lipple and was AMAZED with the results

Michelle was always unhappy with her thin lips and had for a long time considered injections or lip fillers but wasn't very comfortable with injecting unknown fluids in to her body. One day she found a video clip on Instagram that would solve all her problems.

Michelle found a post about Lipple on Instagram and decided to give it a try. Many of the larger Instagram accounts she was following also used Lipple along with a friend of hers that had praised it to the moon.

"I usually don't click on ads but when I saw so many people that I resepect and follow on Instagram using it, I just had to give it a try. The price was only $29 with free shipping (used to be $49), so I thought Ill buy it and give it a try."

After testing it for only 30 seconds, Michelle decided to have a look in the mirror to see if she noticed any difference.

"OH MY GOD, it looked absolutely amazing! Its really surprising how well this works and how fast you can see a difference."

"I really couldn't believe it at first. I was screaming and laughing with excitement. You feel the suction of the product but it really doesn't hurt at all."

Now, almost 3 months later she still uses Lipple every day. We decided to interview Michelle and ask her some further questions about Lipple:

How long does the effect last for?
"- For me it lasts up to 5 hours but I have some friends where it lasts even longer. It really depends on the person."

Does it hurt at all?
"- No, but make sure to follow the Lipple conditioning guide where they explain how to get started to make sure your lips get accustomed the process."

Are you still considering doing lip injections?
"- NEVER! In my opinion, Lipple works better and gives you a more natural look as well."

What would you say to other girls that are thinking about trying Lipple?
"- It will be the best $29 you have spent in a long time. You wont be disappointed."

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